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Herz OG auto – Exotic Seeds

Herz OG auto – Exotic Seeds


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Herz OG Auto Strain Description

In this autoflowering version of our popular Herz OG, we have managed to maintain most of the characteristics of its non-autoflowering mother plant, obtaining a hybrid that, even in the case of an autoflowering strain, has abundant resin and a quite strong effect. The aroma of the flowers of this variety is very similar to the mother, with tones of pine, honey and wood, and a very pleasant relaxing effect.

Regarding its cultivation, Herz OG Auto is a genetic with a height that is around 100 cm, finding taller individuals normally. With a high production, we will see medium-sized and high-density flowers, so loaded with resin and with a calyx / leaf ratio so good that you won’t believe that you are facing an autoflowering genetic.

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