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Exotic Seeds



Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch, American and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis seed. The creators of our high quality seed have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis family. Exotic Seed brings you a new line of 40 unique varieties through crossing powerful genetics. We selected the best in taste and effect. After a long period of crossing, producing, tasting and testing we are proud to present our one of a kind, high quality seed assortment.


In 2016 we started entering into different cannabis competitions. In every competition we entered, we won a prize.

  • 2018    Biomenocannabis  3rd best Indoor Blue Monkey
  • 2018    Expogrow Irun Spain 2nd Sativa Spicy Bitch
  • 2018    Indica Sativa Bologna 1st Best Seed Bank Award
  • 2018    Expo Canamo Sevilla 2nd Hydroponic Black Lemon Auto
  • 2018    Spannabis Champions Cup 3rd  best Indica Herz OG 
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 3rd Outdoor Black Lemon Auto
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Outdoor Mango Cream
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Indoor  Herz OG
  • 2018    Secret Cup Napoli 3rd Professional Black Lemon Auto
  • 2018    THC Valencia Spain 3rd Outdoor  Sir Jack Auto
  • 2017    Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Autoflower Monster Mash
  • 2017    Expogrow Irun Spain 3rd Autoflower Russian Automatic
  • 2017    Expogrow Irun Spain 3rd Sativa Exotic Colors
  • 2017    Cannaval Tenerife Spain 2nd Profesional Spicy Bitch
  • 2016    Cannaval Tenerife Spain 2nd Profesional Gypsy Widow
  • 2016    THC Valencia Spain 3rd Indoor Gypsy Widow
  • 2016    Vina Grow Spain 1st Outdoor Sir Jack
  • 2016    Vina Grow Spain 3rd Outdoor Spicy Bitch
  • 2016    Vina Grow Spain 1st Indoor Mango Cream
  • 2016    Expo Canamo Spain 2nd Outdoor Gypsy Widow
  • 2016    Biocup Spain 3rd Outdoor Gypsy Widow
  • 2016    Alacannabis Spain 1st Outdoor Sir Jack
  • 2016    Chile Primera cata 3rd prize outdoor Spicy Bitch Reg.
  • 2016    Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Sativa Exotic Thai
  • 2016    Expogrow Irun Spain 1st Autoflower Monster Mash
  • 2016    Expogrow Irun Spain 2nd Autoflower Black Lemon