Sathaiva is an established high quality medical cannabis company in Thailand, we strive to bring the best quality cannabis products and superb genetics to Thailand.

What sets our company apart from others is our outstanding team. Firstly, the Company proudly introduces our CEO and Managing Director, and a pharmacist, Natthanan Sukserm, Pharm.Sci., who first learned about cannabis and hemp products from academic papers and research in university. After her introduction through the research papers, she became interested in researching cannabis products for her own health benefits to treat her chronic migraine headaches she has suffered with for over 15 years. Due to a severe allergy problem, she is unable to take many kinds of pain killers commonly used to treat migraines. For years, she tried to find alternative methods, treatments, and medications to try to relieve her from chronic painful migraines. After first trying cannabis products, she found CBD & THC were the most effective & long lasting treatment for her migraines, they almost immediately improved her quality of daily life.

Since 2018, she started to travelled all over the U.S. to learn as much as possible about the medical cannabis industry and the research behind it. She was even able to talk to medical marijuana cancer patient and heard how helpful medical cannabis was to ease their pain & improve their quality of life. She continued researching different uses of cannabis, hemp, & other herbal medicines to treat different types medical ailments. She was particularly intrigued by the THC/CBD products such as RSO oil which is used to treat some of the more serious conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, and Cancer. She learned medical marijuana has been used to helped millions of people with a wide variety of medical problems. As mentioned before, after she began using cannabis products to treat her chronic migraine pain, her quality of life has continued to improve and her frequency of migraines have greatly diminished. After her visits to the U.S. she has continued to study peer reviewed research papers relating to cannabis and hemp from countries all over the world. She started to attend many events centered around the research & use of medical cannabis. In 2021, she has was invited to join to be a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association(NCIA) in the US. She wishes to share knowledge about cannabis products and how to help the emerging industry, she aims to help this company to educate people & help the Thai industry grow to be the finest in Asia.

With a passionate vision, dedication, and support from the founder, Mr.Cliff Caruth.

Mr. Cliff Caruth, Sathiva was established. Cliff Caruth has vast understanding about medical cannabis products, quality control, cultivation, and business in the U.S. from his over twenty years of experience. Furthermore, Sathaiva has had a great opportunity to be aligned with Mr. Cody Bass, an elected board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association(NCIA) in the U.S. He is a “master grower” of cannabis, and the founder of the Tahoe Wellness Center(T.W.C.) in California. Cody Bass is a well known expert, key speaker, and a leader in U.S. cannabis industry. All the three key executives of management at Sathaiva aim to share and utilize their knowledge and experience to improve medical cannabis standards and education in Thailand. Sathaiva is ready to share our experience & knowledge to the Thai people, work with other passionate people, and properly support the development of the emerging Thailand medical cannabis industry. It is vital to the country that the emerging cannabis industry flourishes in the best ways possible for the farmers, medical patients, & all the people of Thailand.

We operate cannabis business in all aspects a customer can think of ranging from selecting and importing seeds to educating and sharing knowledge about cannabis. Knowledge we can share is ranging from how to grow, harvest and store them, to how to utilize all parts of the tree to give benefit to people’s health. We provide and arrange services in connection with meetings, seminars, groups to share knowledge on cannabis. We also provide services for processing cannabis, and provide wellness services for your body and mind. We have a modern laboratory with quality tools and equipment to produce high quality cannabis products to meet international quality for your most benefit in terms of your health and costs. Our goals are to become a leader in operating cannabis business from our knowledge and experience. We are innovatively ready to create new health-related products so that we ultimately can become a part of medical industry that uses cannabis products for medical purposes for providing most benefit to our customers and users.

We aim to be a leader in cannabis business for medical purposes. We strictly follow relative and required procedures to improve our business so that we always meet international standards. We aim that our customers and users are most satisfactory with our products, and that they have understanding about cannabis and gain highest benefit for health from using cannabis and hemp products appropriately.

Everything you need to know about our Seed Bank

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